Easy Genealogy?

Throughout my years of researching my ancestry, I have come to acquire knowledge of the people before me. I have to give credit to the authors of many genealogical and historical books that have helped me along my exploration.

It may sound easy but I say to you that once you have to start searching for documents, records, and all that comes with it is quite a challenge. What makes the search easier is that we have access to numerous records that can be found on the Family Search website.  The LDS archival records will save you a great deal of money because you do not have to travel far to look for records. I would even suggest in opening an account with them.Click on the following link to visit the website: familysearch.org.

This is my advice for you, if you hit a dead-end do not lose hope. Sometimes you will find out that the records are truly due to several reasons. For example, the location of it was probably burned, flooded, or an unexpected event took place. Trust me, I know how it feels searching for an ancestor and coming up empty-handed.  I would suggest you try to find books or article explaining the history of the place and the era of where your ancestor lived. For instance, search for events that took place within the time frame your ancestor was still alive. Another excellent source that contains valuable formation is the newspapers. The newspaper can give you a great understanding of what your ancestor might have gone through or even witness.


Another location that contains records are the parishes found of where your forefathers lived.  Also, search the civil registries.  Both of these places will help you discover information about your ancestor.  Death records, especially in the civil registries, will reveal the cause of death of the person you are searching for. It might even include relatives that signed the death record of the deceased.

I would like for you to be cautious if you have an Ancestry account. Although Ancestry.com does have a great deal of information, you can find some misleading information or family trees. A few month ago, I found that someone had placed my great-grandfather living in the mid-1700s.  I was like how in the world does that happen? There must have been some sort of time travel! Here are just a few hints to help you out:

  • Be organize.
  • Cite your source: Record what you found and where. Cite the book, article, website, and etc.
  • Make duplicates of primary documents.
  • Create folders or binders for different branches of your family tree.
  • Create a research log to help you remember what you searched and what resources you used.

Lastly, when facing the dead-end wall go back to the last source you have and look for more evidence which may lead you in a different route. Best of luck and God bless!

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