Latin America

Escamilla and Alvarado Ambushed in El Hormiguero


Adolfo de la Huerta was a politician and interim President of Mexico from June 1 to November 30, 1920. As Governor of the state of Sonora, he led the Revolution of Agua Prieta that put an end to the presidency of Venustiano Carranza. Carranza was killed during the revolt and then de la Huerta was appointed interim President by Congress. Adolfo De la Huerta started a revolt in 1923 against President Álvaro Obregón and denounced as corrupt after Obregon endorsed Calles as his successor[i].

 Obregón crushed the rebellion and forced De La Huerta into exile. Obregón ordered the execution of every rebel officer with a rank higher than a major and among those higher ranks were General Salvador Alvarado and Coronel Escamilla.  Escamilla received a letter from General Gabriel Carvallo who was the General of the Division on July 20th, 1924 in a place known as Palenque, Chiapas advising him that he, Escamilla, was made a General.

In the month of June 1923, Coronel Escamilla had joined Gen. Salvador Alvarado in Yucatan. Gen. Alvarado was governor of Yucatan during 1915 through 1918 and he was also the Supreme Leader of the Constitutionalist army of the states of Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan and of Chiapas. In his journal, General Juan Escamilla mentions that Gen. Alvarado is betrayed by one of his men known as Gen. Aparicio.

Gen. Aparicio had set an ambush for Alvarado and his only way to annihilate the threat was to misguide him and his troops. As Alvarado and Dr. Casanova were on their way to El Hormiguero a soldier of Gen. Aparicio indicate them that Gen. Vivanco was waiting for them in a certain location when suddenly a machine gun was heard and both men were killed.

Moments later Escamilla, Carvallo and his men are being fired upon and Aparicio demands their surrender.  As the gunfight is going on Carvallo is shot in the leg and the mastermind behind the ambush is shot in the stomach and on his back.   Alvarado was ambushed while fleeing from Obregon’s force at El Hormiguero, which is between Tenosique, Tabasco, and Palenque, in the state of Chiapas and was killed on 10 June 1924.  Days later after suffering a greater loss of men to the forces of Obregon, Escamilla and Carvallo gather some of their men and went into exile in Guatemala.


[i]            General Juan Escamilla, “Datos de la Campana del Ano de 1923 en Favor de Don Adolfo de la Huerta,” Property of Escamilla Family, 5.

[ii]           Ibid., 7.



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