Texas and Northeastern Mexico, 1630-1690, History Book

For those interested in the history of Texas and Northeastern Mexico make sure to get your hands on this detailed book, Texas and Northeastern Mexico, 1630-1690. It was written by Juan Bautista Chapa, also known as the “Anonymous Author”. This book was first published until 1909.20190108_152056.jpg

In this account, Chapa reveals to us the history and colonization of Northeastern Mexico and Texas. He also included the struggles between the settlers and indigenous tribes.

We also find the only account of the Spanish expeditions that took place in the 1660s against the Cacaxtle Indians.

Included in this book is a list and locations of over 300 Indian tribes, the vegetation, wildlife, and climate of the area during the 17th century.

Published by Josue Garcia y Pérez de Escamilla

A graduate of Texas A&M University-Kingsville who received a B.A in History with a minor in Spanish. Furthermore, Josue dedicates his time in writing on a variety of historical topics, Bible studies, ranching, and farming. Being an outdoorsman is one of his favorite past time.

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